Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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I shaped a clear winged keel for a customer last month. He rode it the day he picked it up, which was about twenty minutes after it was polished.
Did he give a shit about recommended curing times?
No, he did not give a shit about recommended curing times.
He was very excited about the board after he surfed it, which made me very excited about the board, so I shaped another one.
Why? Because I like the shape, and I couldn't sleep due to an afternoon cup of coffee. The coffee was a bad choice.
Also, there was this blank in my shop. Just staring at me. Daring me.
And now it's daring you!
You see, it's for sale.
5'8x 21x 2 5/8. Single wing. Cedar stringer. Gloss and polish. Foiled. Fun beachbreak board for someone between 48 and 300lbs who enjoys surfing.
Lokbox boxes and CI keels (not pictured) for maximum shreddage.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful board. In the spirit of your latest posts, I have to ask what whisky would you pair it with?

HeadHighGlassy said...

That's an easy one, Anonymous. The board is a classic shape with a little extra somethin' somethin'. I'd pair it with an Aberlour A'bunadh--the cask strength version of one of the great standards. Rich, sweet, spicy, peppery, and smooth as hell. Like a good keel fish...

BD said...

I know that board! Makes me want to order my fish right now!

turtle said...

wait,,, i'm between 48 and 300lbs.!!

HeadHighGlassy said...

Damn, Turtle, it must be fate!

Lonny said...

Hey Jamie. I just picked up this board from The Shop in Arcata up North! I am from Blue Lake. Man it's an incredibly beautiful board by the way, I really like your work man! I am going to try it out tomorrow, as I didn't have time to today after I picked it up, but I am definitely stoked! I am a little curious about the inspiration and thoughts that went into this board. Could you tell me a bit about it, or just anything really? I would be stoked to know some info on it. If you don't want to write on here, no problem, just send it to my email:

thanks again for shaping the first board I have bought in years, super stoked! Can't wait to ride it!