Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Damulag

Nature is fraught with paradox. Flightless birds. Flying fish. Dry lakes. Grape nuts. Snooki.

We, too, are plagued with an existential paradox: How we see ourselves vs. how others see us.
Rather than being at odds with paradox, Hawaiian born shredder, stoked California waveslayer, teen counselor, and new Sparkplug owner Baby Damulag embraces it. Take his name: a Damulag is a Filipino water buffalo. They’re strong like hell. They work like hell. And have you ever seen them around water? They love that shit. Much like BD himself.
But then why 'baby'? Because babies need their moms, and BD was one of those groms who talked trash about the older kids then ran behind his mom for protection. Scrappy! 
BD’s not afraid to charge some water-buffalo style waves, then come home and snuggle on the couch with his girlfriend and a soft blankie. That’s the kind of guy he is. No shame. Perfectly at ease with his existential paradox.
BD, at ease with his existential crisis, setting up for the next section on his new Sparkplug
His new sled, too, is marked with existential paradox. It’s a thruster. It’s a quad. Instead of going shorter according to current design fashion, BD added several inches to his standard board length. In other words, he’s doing his own thing and, baby or not, do you really want to mess with a damulag? 
Insane deck artwork/watercolor painting came all the way from Spain by talented artist Ruth Basagoitia, and celebrates the critical aspects of BD's existence.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Seeing Red

Guys Up North don't fool around. When horizontal freezing rain smashes directly into their blood-drained faces in the lineup they call it offshore. They regard plaid as a color. The only other colors in their chart are jeans, mud, and doghair.
Their automobiles are often missing seats and the word pilates has never, ever escaped through their unironically moustached upper lips. They think Miley Cyrus is a constellation, latte is how Italians say Goodbye, and a decaf is some kind of move from the summer Olympics that's done by dudes in tights.
What I'm saying is that there's a dialogue the rest of the nation is obsessed with that doesn't concern these folks in the slightest.
And they like stuff that's built to last.
9'6 triple stringer for Jonny from Up North. Full board tint with freehand comp bands--done during lamination by master glasser Tony Mikus at Almar Glass Works.
Built tough (heavy-but-not-too-heavy glass job, deck patch, fin patch, tailblock), so when the sleet turns onshore and the beach fire turns to smoke, Jonny doesn't have to worry as he tosses it with frozen fingers into the back of his van.
Right where the seats used to be.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Your Title Here

I shaped a clear winged keel for a customer last month. He rode it the day he picked it up, which was about twenty minutes after it was polished.
Did he give a shit about recommended curing times?
No, he did not give a shit about recommended curing times.
He was very excited about the board after he surfed it, which made me very excited about the board, so I shaped another one.
Why? Because I like the shape, and I couldn't sleep due to an afternoon cup of coffee. The coffee was a bad choice.
Also, there was this blank in my shop. Just staring at me. Daring me.
And now it's daring you!
You see, it's for sale.
5'8x 21x 2 5/8. Single wing. Cedar stringer. Gloss and polish. Foiled. Fun beachbreak board for someone between 48 and 300lbs who enjoys surfing.
Lokbox boxes and CI keels (not pictured) for maximum shreddage.