Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Damulag

Nature is fraught with paradox. Flightless birds. Flying fish. Dry lakes. Grape nuts. Snooki.

We, too, are plagued with an existential paradox: How we see ourselves vs. how others see us.
Rather than being at odds with paradox, Hawaiian born shredder, stoked California waveslayer, teen counselor, and new Sparkplug owner Baby Damulag embraces it. Take his name: a Damulag is a Filipino water buffalo. They’re strong like hell. They work like hell. And have you ever seen them around water? They love that shit. Much like BD himself.
But then why 'baby'? Because babies need their moms, and BD was one of those groms who talked trash about the older kids then ran behind his mom for protection. Scrappy! 
BD’s not afraid to charge some water-buffalo style waves, then come home and snuggle on the couch with his girlfriend and a soft blankie. That’s the kind of guy he is. No shame. Perfectly at ease with his existential paradox.
BD, at ease with his existential crisis, setting up for the next section on his new Sparkplug
His new sled, too, is marked with existential paradox. It’s a thruster. It’s a quad. Instead of going shorter according to current design fashion, BD added several inches to his standard board length. In other words, he’s doing his own thing and, baby or not, do you really want to mess with a damulag? 
Insane deck artwork/watercolor painting came all the way from Spain by talented artist Ruth Basagoitia, and celebrates the critical aspects of BD's existence.


e. said...

Stoked to see more folks getting into the sparky!

philip said...

"Baby Damulag" dims and specs, way too cool..
nice one HeadHighGlassy.

BD said...

That's what I call a B.D. blog entry!

Anonymous said...

Thatd for sure, BD walk to his own drum beat, as he inspires youth with his music.

Panama Red said...

Great board. Had a chance to ride it in shoulder/head high surf in Santa Cruz, very stable with plenty of speed. Will be AWESOME in larger surf!