Monday, March 25, 2013

The Sun, the Moon, the Sea

Just flew back from the Sea of Cortez...
and boy are my arms tired!
It looked like this:
One of these gently rested its mouth on my hand while I tried to take its picture:
It was hot and dry and I slathered on more sunscreen every morning than an entire Arizona waterpark sees during a homeschooler convention.
Not sure if that little gem of figurative language works or not, but I can't be trifled with such things at the moment. Board orders have piled up and swim lessons have started and now, suddenly, I sneeze when I go outside.
But he Baja desert has a way of putting things into perspective: Sun, moon, water (and, if you're lucky, Negro Modelo, fresh mango, chilled pinot grigio). The agents of life.
Sun, moon, water--the things that make us who we are--also give us waves. And waves give us surfboards, like this 6'8 egg (Lil' Pill) for Jon:

The bottom looks like this:
It has a shitload of fin options, a spiral vee bottom, a bamboo quad set by Rainbow Fin Company, and lovely in-the-lamination pigment layup by Tony Mikus at Almar Surfworks.
Jon and his lovely wife, Jen, aren't getting much sleep these days. But perhaps when they're up in the wee hours feeding their baby, one of them will peek out through the curtains and spy a full moon over Mt. Tam.
The same moon that makes the raccoons in my neighborhood suddenly, intensely interested in my compost bin. The same moon that inspires a breeding event among nudibranchs off the southern coast of Baja, Mexico, or a fiddler crab to set off and find a special friend for the evening, or the sea to drain off a reef in Sri Lanka long enough for a surfer to slot himself into a dry barrel in the silvery half light of evening.
Happy Spring.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Propositions for Prepositions

I call this composition, Off to the Glasser!
Or maybe, On To the Glasser!
Or just, To the Glasser!
Either way, hope Tony's got some green pigment in stock.
Down to the glasser!