Thursday, January 19, 2012


Been having a ton of fun shaping (and surfing!) midlengths lately. EggyHullySpeedyTrimmy stuff in the 6'8-8'0 range. Lots of convex up front to flats and concaves in the back.
Design-specific to Northcoast beachbreak.
Glassed up nice by Fatty Fiberglass in Ft. Bragg. Jake Sacks is carrying on the tradition of excellent, small-batch, attention-to-detail glasswork and has some pics up on his blog as well (click his name).
Poplar rail fins of the 'tiny' variety.
Winter fun.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Shana Tova

First board of the year!
I like New Year's Day more than New Year's Eve--clean slate and all that. Celebrated the arrival of 2012 with some foam mowing followed by a trip to the coast with the girls. Kites were involved, as were refusals to wear jackets.
Then tears.
Then ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.
Finished the (glorious!) day with a bit of champagne that we hadn't gotten around to drinking the previous night because we have kids and we're tired and we were busy with an epic Super Mario Kart session on the (glorious!) Wii, anyway.
This fresh 9'4 with a green high-density foam stringer bookended by dual cedar sticks will get a shiny candy shell at Almar Glass Works, then head to The Shop in Humboldt. There it will be ogled, fondled, caressed, until it speaks to someone so loudly that they will gladly hand over currency and make it their own.
On the way home, they will crack a window and turn the music a little louder. They will smile slightly as they imagine themselves flying across a wall of liquid energy, knees bent, fingers trailing in the purest green they could possibly imagine.
May we all experience such joy this year.