Thursday, January 19, 2012


Been having a ton of fun shaping (and surfing!) midlengths lately. EggyHullySpeedyTrimmy stuff in the 6'8-8'0 range. Lots of convex up front to flats and concaves in the back.
Design-specific to Northcoast beachbreak.
Glassed up nice by Fatty Fiberglass in Ft. Bragg. Jake Sacks is carrying on the tradition of excellent, small-batch, attention-to-detail glasswork and has some pics up on his blog as well (click his name).
Poplar rail fins of the 'tiny' variety.
Winter fun.


Kirk said...

Yes, that does indeed look like winter fun. Nice big flexy fin for the 2+1 goodness and away you go....

HeadHighGlassy said...

Indeed, Kirk. This one gets a 7 3/4" Andreini Flex from Rainbow--designed the whole board around it.
Hope you're getting some down there.