Friday, April 4, 2014

The Clover PR

6'6 Clover PR (Pocket Rocket) for Four-Fingered Sam on the Central Coast.
Question: Does Sam have only four fingers?
Answer: No, he has ten fingers, total.
Question: What criteria does a Clover have to meet to achieve a "PR" designation?
Answer: Absolutely none! Actually, this one's a bit pulled in. The Clover is no mushbuster.
My shop's a total freaking mess right now, as we just got back from Joshua Tree.
Question: Is Joshua Tree a good spot to reclaim the last dwindling tendrils of your youth?
Answer: No. No it's not. Much has changed since my last visit to the Mojave when I laughed with insouciance at steep, traditional climbs and wore shorts with 6" inseams. Fifteen years later I felt slower, more terrified,  and both hairier and less hairy at the same time. Don't think about that one for too long.
Question: What beverage pairs well with a Clover PR?
Answer: Awaken's Real Aloe Vera drink featuring wheatgrass and the 'ancient healing' properties of aloe vera pulp.
Just kidding! You're gonna wash this classic shred sled down with a classic single malt--the no frills, always delivers, smoky-sweet goodness of Highland Park 12. No bells and whistles on this traditional single malt scotch, just layers of liquid gold sliding down your gullet.

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Anonymous said...

Amen! Clean board, shop's a mess, and Highland Park is great stuff.
Gotta try a Clover, I've been hearing great things.