Tuesday, April 22, 2014

From the notebooks: Spring

From the notebooks.
Shaping in Spring:
The deeper into spring, the weirder the boards: long, wide, fat boards that catch everything. Short, wide, fat boards that catch almost everything. Medium, wide, fat boards that fit perfectly between short-period windswell troughs. Many ways to skin the grumpy, uncooperative, foggy cat of spring.
Take that, Spring!
8'4" Spring Shred Stick
Parenting in Spring:
My kids now think I'm effing with them at bedtime. "How could it be?" They plead, pointing out the window. "It's still light outside!" And they're correct, but it's also 8pm and bedtime and daddy needs a Manhattan, so off they go. Take that, Spring!
2+1. All fiberglass fins, because I care
Holidays in Spring. As a Jew, I had no idea Easter (or as I'm calling it now, Spring Christmas) was really a thing. Well, it's a thing. A giant rabbit sneaks into your house at night, eats carrots, then leaves eggs. In the morning, your kids demand candy and fake tattoos and stomprockets and a jumpy house. What? Whatever, spring!
Red is the fastest and shreddiest of all surfboard tints--perfect for Spring.
Allergies in Spring. My head feels like it's filled with soft cheese and I'm itchier than an Indonesian dog. Plus, there's no sympathy. "Allergies?" people ask. "Me too! My eyes are super itchy today!" and I'm like, "whatever, ass, have you ever been hospitalized because of this shit? I have!"
Bite me, Spring!
Spring's not all bad, though. You don't have to wear socks as much, and it's a step closer to fall, so there's that.
The above Broadsword is for SF LadyShredder Sarah, who already took a California coastal roadtrip with it, dinged it, scored some insane waves on it, received many compliments about it, and saw an elephant seal. Take that, Spring!


Jay Goldberg said...

such animosity you have for spring, as any good north coast surfer should. but don't be too hard on the season, now is the time to climb!

but easter nowadays? whatever indeed...

HeadHighGlassy said...

Good Lord, you're spot-on, Dr. Jay! In my Claritin-induced haze, I neglected my climbing roots. Thanks for the reminder.