Thursday, October 3, 2013

Clover XL

The government may be shut down, but damn if Boehner can stop the stoke!
Here's an XL Clover for Central Coast ripper Jonathan (the 'J' is pronounced like a 'Y,' as his origins are definitely Viking). He's a big dude, so he gets a big Clover. Hence the Custom in Custom Surfboards.
Every once in a while, Le 'Stache lets me carve one out in his shaping room. Sometimes he offers feedback, like, "yeah!" or, "fun one!" or, "how much longer is this going to take?" or, "you're going to have to put on some pants if you want to continue shaping here."
This Clover is 8'0 and nearly 23" wide. I can barely carry it, but Jonathan's arms are Paul Bunyan to my Woody Allen, and he'll be able to throw this thing around like he just caught it kissing his sister.
It's gonna have three fins.


T said...

I want...singlefin?

HeadHighGlassy said...

That, right there, will be a 2+1, so singlefin is a definite option.
Probably go good at a well-groomed west-swell loving pointbreak you know well...