Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Of Broadswords, Pinot Noir, and Uni

Mike’s about as capable a waterman as you can get. Surf? Kills it.
Fish? Slays ‘em.
Sea kayaking? Yup.
Abalone diving? Si.
Urchin plucking? Enough already.
Lately he’s been ripping up the East Side on his 8’something Broadsword:
Pinot Noir bottom wrap by the boys at Almar Surf Works

Like Mike’s time in the water, his sword is all about options: 2+1, single, thruster. Whatever.
The go to lately, though, has been the quad.
Options provided by the good folks at Lokbox and Rainbow
In addition to the secrets of the salty deep, Mike inadvertently tipped me off to a secret parking stash somewhere in Santa Cruz. You see, he looks like a man who has a system. Who knows things.
So I followed him.
Sure enough: parking stash.
Thanks, amigo. And if you see a certain minivan paralleled in your usual spot, I swear it’s not mine.
Beefy cedar stringer. Strong like bull.
Still, you don’t want to wax the windshield. That would piss me the owner off.

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