Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I’m no science teacher, but I’ll take a stab at hydrodynamics to explain in layman’s terms how the Twinzer fin system--originally envisioned, applied and tweaked by Wil Jobson from the 1980s to the present day--works:
sciencysciencysciencyAngle of Incidence+
physicsphysicsphysicsLaminar Flow=
fast, loose fun.
There you have it.
 This equation will be thoroughly tested in Baja for the next few weeks.
 Correspondence will resume in July. Hopefully in a more relaxed, crustier, and surfed-out fashion.


pranaglider said...

I always wondered how that worked! Have a good trip

Kirk said...

Enjoy yourself, and I'll ask the Australians to have a few wave generating storms for you

Anonymous said...

That's pretty much exactly what I learned in my fluid dynamics classes at uni.
And happy to report that the S Hemi around NZ/Tasman Sea are quite fertile grounds at the mo.

BD said...

Have fun brotha! Baja Baby!