Saturday, September 3, 2011


I love watching long period swells go from this:
To this:
Couldn't bring a board to the coast today, but hit it with the Lil' Ladies and managed to capture an air and a drop-knee on the same wave. Makes a dad proud.

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e. said...

Did a drive on Saturday, hoping to find some of that rumored south. Instead, the south coast reefs were windy and choppy. Was good family time though.

Kiddie Waikiki was where we found pure, unfiltered stoke! Let Zoe have some fun on the sparkplug. The kid's a natural. She paddled the board like she's been doing it forever. She paddled and I pushed her into a few crumblers. Her second attempt, she got to her feet and rode to the sand. Needless to say, the boogieboard days are finished. Zoe got one or two more rides and is hooked, solid!

I'm a proud papa.

So what I've lost in the ability to score good waves, I've gained by indoctrinating a new member to the wavesliding club.