Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tastes of Summer

How much fun was last week (surf-wise)?
How great are Dark 'N Stormys?
How posed does this shaper-scoping-freshly-glassed-stick pic look?
Answer: it's only semi-posed. Posed in that I held a surfboard against an industrial backdrop while a picture was taken. Semi-posed in that the bulk of my attentions (which aren't that great to start with) were genuinely committed to not dropping this thing.
How great is Bud Light Lime?
Before you judge, amigos, let me recount a conversation that happened last week with one of my oldest and best friends who currently lives in Cleveland. It was 96 degrees in his house and it was nine o'clock. At night! And there was absolutely no hope of the temperature even reaching the low nineties during sleeping hours.
"How are you coping?" I asked.
"Well, there are some, um, things with lime that help take the edge off..."
"Like what?"
And he whispered the following three syllables which changed the shape of my summer (or really just the taste of the last week).
Bud Light Lime.
This man relayed this information is an artist. He has an advanced degree in Industrial Design. He hiked the entire expanse of the Appalachian Trail--some of it in Tevas. He's a Jew for god's sake!
So I did the only thing I could do: buy a twelver of BLL and have at it. Know what?
And by that I mean Bud Light Lime magically transforms Bud Light into a greater version of itself--the version of itself that was nice to everyone in middle school, despite whatever was going on with their pores. The version that likes spending time with old people and other peoples' kids.
What, you ask, could be so different about the addition of a single word, a swart nub of a single syllable like lime? I ask you this: can you note the difference between awesome band Rush, and not awesome band Rush Limbaugh?
The addition of a single word.
Do you sense the relief of tension between Salmonella and Salmonella negative?
One word.
Billy Baldwin and Alec Baldwin?
A word substituted, but still.
Enough. Here's more surfboard.


Anonymous said...

"The version that likes spending time with old people and other peoples' kids and Republicans."

Isn't that called a ruffie?

And now you have me intrigued in the BLL, in a train-wreck sort of way.
You bastard.

What are the dims on this beautiful board?

HeadHighGlassy said...

That board right there is a 9'4. Looks more green in person.
As for the BLL...good luck!

Kirk said...

At least you stayed away from Stephen Baldwin. I think I'll still stay away from Bud Light though, but I'm antipodean and we often become absolute snobs about beer and caffeine in our advanced years. Or we swill down Fosters or Steinlager like it doesn't actually taste as if it's been used once already.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, the pin tail on this board seems to be pretty pinny, if that's a word. Or rather, sharper than the normal pin for a longboard. Any reason for it, or are your pin tails usually that shape?

Still a beautiful board.

HeadHighGlassy said...

Heya WG, it might just be the angle of the pic. The tail is 15" wide--not too wide, but not too narrow that it won't catch waves like mad. The rider's not a heavyweight and wanted a noserider, so we reduced a bit of tail volume and foiled it thin. Rider Report: it works!