Monday, February 8, 2010

Father and Son

For a short time in third grade a secret admirer left celery in my locker. The individual sticks were neatly trimmed and placed in small sandwich bags. The first few offerings were anonymous, but later featured notes written in a girlie script.
Then my vegetable devotee began to get creative. Once, there were a few scratch-n-sniff stickers included. Another time a slender packet of ranch dressing accompanied the celery. A note read, “celery and ranch is cool!”
And for a brief time in the third grade, it was cool.
Until I learned that it was not Rachel Stein leaving me the celery, as I had hoped, but my sister. My mom made her do it out of fear that I wasn’t eating enough leafy greens.
What does this have to do with this 5’8 double-wing quad fish for Northcoast surf enthusiast David? Not a lot, other than to point out that it’s nice to have family looking out for us once in a while.
Accompanying David’s order was this 5'10, 80's inspired resinwork grom fish for his son.
Much cooler gift than a sweater.
Speaking of Father and Son, Cat Stevens penned a song under that title, converted to Islam, changed his name to Yusef Islam, ditched his music career, gave a sizable chunk of his fortune to humanitarian causes, sort of called for the death of Salmon Rushdie, then performed on The Colbert Report. In that order.
Just in case you’re keeping tabs.


turtle said...

digging the crisp wings on the quad and the sexy hips on the gromfish. turn baby turn. good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I was 13 when that album came out, and it had a huge impact on me. Wikipedia just informed me he also did the cover artwork. (since you left that tidbit out).

nice quad!

Kirk said...

But what type of board did Cat Stevens ride? I don't see him on a quad.

HeadHighGlassy said...

Great question, Kirk. Clearly he was an early longboarder, as evidenced by the lyrics, "longer boats are coming to win us." My personal belief is that, disenchanted with the "shortboard revolution," he turned his back not only on mainstream American culture, but surfing entirely. Based on the quality of his recent work and his desire to emerge as a force in contemporary music, I'm hesitant--but fairly certain--to posit he boasts of a two-board quiver: a 10'6 SUP and a 7'6 Corky Carroll Tuflite. It always stings to witness a hero fall...

Kirk said...

Although his involvement in making 'Harold & Maude' the work of genius it is should probably get him a pass on the SUP- I don't think a CC Tuflite can be forgiven though. Maybe a quad would help him find his place in western culture again.