Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer Curves

Double wing quad fish in recycled EPS for SF waveriding enthusiast Kevin.
Shaping EPS allows me to bust out specialty hi-tec tools, like a paint stick with sandpaper glued to it.
Who was it that said that you had to lock your car doors in Vermont in early September for fear of finding your passenger seat filled with squash?
Calvin Coolidge? Robert Frost? Bernie Sanders?
I'm currently having a similar vegetable situation inches from the shaping shop. The pepper plants have reached epic production levels, and I can't ask my family to eat any more. Thinking about handing over a pepper or two with each board order (for a limited time).
Bell curves are nice to look at.
Eat local food, drink local beer, support your local shapers and glassers.


pranaglider said...

I can trade you tomatoes for peppers...

Kirk said...

I'll trade tomatoes, hot peppers, cucumbers and a few onions for a board. Thought not- I do have some good chutney and relish recipes which are useful this time of year.