Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blue Tuesday

Thank you Headhighglassy fans who emailed reminders that I missed Blue Monday. I took (both of) your requests to heart before unceremoniously deleting them and then getting back to the project at hand: drinking as much arctic-cold chardonnay as possible.
I know what you're thinking: arctic-cold chardonnay is not du rigeur among Sonoma County's white wine cognoscenti right now. I should instead opt for a pinot gris or, if feeling saucy, a chenin blanc.
But I'm a maverick, and I drink what the conditions call for. Yesterday in Northern California was hotter than a snake's ass in a wagon rut; therefore, chardonnay.
Onto Blue Tuesday!
This blue 8'4 all 'rounder is currently available at Petaluma's Sonoma Coast Surf Shop.

Full board Hastings blue tint with red resin pinlines and a matching resin comp band courtesy of the fetching Leslie Anderson at Fatty Fiberglass.
2+1 fin setup, Lokbox finboxes, and spiral vee bottom. Cruise it on the small days as a single, rip it as a tri fin when it's got some push--the choice is yours.
Blue Tuesday is also support your local shaper, glasser, and surfshop Tuesday!


Q.Peeps said...

that is a thang a beauty, sir. would love to take'r for a spin.

ridgeback said...

funny coincidence-rarly have room in my gluttony for whites, but monday was chardonnay{?} day for me also.africa hot.oh yeah- didnt forget-finally back to work-shirt in trade on the way

pranaglider said...

Great board!

Interesting weather, for this time of year, isn't it?

HeadHighGlassy said...

Thanks for the props, fellas. Glad you're back at it Ridgeback. Tecate works in a pinch, too, if you have guy friends coming over and feel a chardonnay may compromise your rep. Yup, the weather's been interesting, Prana, but so has the surf, so it kind of balances out up here...

Flying said...

hey HHG !
Your boards are great looking. I added you to our fellow shapers list at flyinglongboarder.com
I am sure you enjoy shaping as much as we do.

aloha from spain,