Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Involuntary Vacation

Was it FDR who said, "there are no problems, only solutions"?
Mussolini? Confucius?
Whoever it was, I salute and curse you.
I salute you for your optimism. My favorite planer sputtered out of existence this week during an inopportune moment. I heeded your words and cannibalized the backup for parts. My heart sang, my breast swelled with pride and giddy anticipation.
I curse you, as this 'solution' created more problems, dashed whatever self-confidence I had managed to preserve during these last two years of child-rearing, and sent a sliver of metal deep into my right thumb.

Ended up forking out for a new tool, which stung until she arrived, shiny, willing, guiltless. We went right to work on a trusty quad fish design.

Red cedar stringer for snap and raditude.

Pulled-in nose for NorthCoast pounders.

Four fins of fun.
What did I learn from this experience? First, get the cell number of your repair person--shop voicemail just doesn't cut it during the holidays. Second, an American (non-metric) tool saves at least three trips to the local hardware. Finally, a good local port in the late-night hours always takes the sting out of a new purchase.

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