Sunday, January 11, 2009

The 6'10 Chronicles, and Literary Nerd Contest!

I love 6'10 rounded pintail season!

I also love weekends like these--'unseasonably' warm temps, a good swell in the water, and my lovely wife's experiments with Brussels sprouts and the perfect warm winter salad. Doesn't get much better unless, of course, you can factor in a lovely Fatty Fiberglass job.

Leslie couldn't resist putting her stamp on this one--a retro style Hastings blue tint, wrap, and deep red pinline on a thoroughly contemporary step-up shortboard. Local he-ripper Mr. M will be stoked.

Something old made new again, or maybe something new made old again.
ANNOUNCEMENT! I hereby declare the First Whenever-I-Feel-Like-It HeadHighGlassy Literary Nerd Contest. The first LitNerd who can tell me the name of the Junot Diaz short story where the line "something old made new again" is used to menacing effect wins a free Jamie Murray Custom Surfboards t-shirt (American Apparel, so you know it's schweet!).
Hint: the line is delivered by a man appropriately named Barbaro.

What's that? Are those 101 Fin Co. bamboo thrusters?
Another Announcement! 101 Fin Co. bamboo fins+ the Lokbox removable/adjustable fin system=insane.
Last Announcement! Come on out to the Toad in the Hole Pub in downtown Santa Rosa's Railroad Square (116 5th street) this Thursday night (Jan 15th) for their first monthly Surf Movie Night. This month features live music from the local surfabilly rockers Mr. December--upright bass and ukulele. I promised not to divulge the movie, but it's a good one, and, as always, the Guinness will be poured by an actual Irishman. Come on out!


ridgeback said...

brief, wonderful life of oscar wao

HeadHighGlassy said...

Solid effort, but no!
The key lies in the two words, "short story."
Contest still open.
ps--what did you think of Oscar Wao?

MacLeod said...

I can't give you an answer. And it just feels wrong to look on the ol innernet. Thanks for the challenge though.

pranaglider said...

are we talking about the description of the AP-9o in tStMtS?

Nice 6'10" btw

ridgeback said...

cheap red wine and an abnormal desire for an A.M.Surfboards t-shirt have driven me to compramise my moral standards.i will now repent by reading "drown" and hope for understanding.

HeadHighGlassy said...

MacLeod--always good to hear from you. Send me an update when you get a chance.
Ridgeback--Your passion (and love of the cheap red) inspires me. Email me your address and I'll stick a shirt or two in there.

HeadHighGlassy said...

Yahtzee! Pranaglider nailed it (with style, too, I might add). I know you mat guys are nerds Prana, but this exceeds all expectations and inspires me to start the official HHGlassy Book Club. Nicely done! Anyway, email me your address and I'll drop a little something in the mail...

superHaole said...

junot reads "How to Date..." on the ny'er podcast (6/11/2007) and it's pretty good:

i'm not a big podcast guy, but this feed definitely paid off on a few long holiday flights recently.

story only :

btw the gold member board is awesome.

The Crew at SCSS said...

Jamie -
Sorry we missed movie night, swamped with family stuff. Will make time for the next show and catch up with you then.