Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Twin Fin Cruncheez

I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't post baby pictures on my blog. I also made promises to myself that I would get a Camaro (fourth grade), 'do the reading' (high school), and never wear underwear again (college), so clearly my self-pledges are a bit flimsy.
Since my Neil Diamond recipe entry was a huge hit* (see The Perfect Sandwich entry from December 9th, 2007), I've decided to include another recipe. Enjoy.
Twin Fin Cruncheez:
1. One pair freshly foiled twin fins (alliteration not necessary).
2. One eleven-month-old (girl pictured, though boys can be substituted. Thruster fins may be used for triplets, quads for quadruplets, Bonzer for quintuplets and so on).
3. Six teeth.
Mix together in sturdy, child-proofed room.
Prep time about an hour (per fin). Best served before fins are glassed onto bottom of surfboard.

*It wasn't.

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