Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Surf Shop

The appropriately named Surf Shop in downtown Ft. Bragg is run by some of the nicest folks around. It recently swapped ownership, but the small-town, local feel hasn't changed. They stock a solid selection of boards for the varied North Coast conditions, including a few of mine from time to time. Here were some goodies available for purchase as of last week:
5'9" double-winged quad fish. The design that knows no bounds. 21" wide with a single concave bottom, double 6oz glass on the deck and single on the bottom. Beautiful opaque 'merlot' resin work by Leslie (though I think it looks more 'beaujolais'). Lokbox fiberglass removable quad fins and, because I hate the look of plastic on my surfboards, a matching merlot (beaujolais) fiberglass leash loop. Bitchin.
7'0" roundtail egg. 2+1 fin setup, buttery full-board resin tint by Leslie. This egg has a bit more entry rocker than some of its small-wave brethren. Good for the steeper beachbreak we see up here at waist high and up.
Give them a call if you're in the area, or you're interested in having them box something up and ship it out: (707) 961-0889.
The buoy's reading 12.8' at 17 seconds, so I'm going to go now.

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Bitchin' egg!