Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Executive at Rest

Winter rains be damned, Spencer split from his mountain hideout and headed Down South in search of shreddables. What'd he pack?
A lighter gauge of neoprene, a fresh bar of wax, and brand-spankin new Executive.
Way back when, I proclaimed the Executive would only come in two lengths, would only feature three stringers, and would only have a glass-on fin. In short, I was gonna make these sleds the way I wanted to, and you were going to shut up and ride them.
Well, I say lots of stuff, people. Exhibit A: in 1991 I claimed I would never tire of the Spin Doctors' Pocket Full of Kryptonite album. Need I say more?
Spencer's Executive is 9'3ish.
Mid glassing: full volan wrap, tailpatch, lovely redwood stringer. Waiting for a fin.
All shined up and ocean ready.
 The Executive's my interpretation of a mid '60s Hobie Phil Edwards model--clean, classy, and stylish wide-point back trim machines.
Many of the features (rocker, rails, foil) have been modernized and adapted for our steep beachies, but the mojo remains.


Ed said...

Sick board! Looks like it can handle anything. What's your turnaround time these days?

pranaglider said...


Anonymous said...

What time is it?
Four thirty
It's not late, naw, naw,
Just early, early, early

President, he sweat through his talcum
News paper man, he watch like a falcon
"Ah, look...daddy-o...sorry, Mr. President...where ya been?"
Use a little english to doctor the spin