Thursday, November 21, 2013

All Clear

Cha-Ching! Paul gets to cash in his Sandwich Club Card with the receipt of this sleek 6'0 double-wing MiniSimmons. It's got a slight arc tail, a cedar stringer that made my shop smell like barbecue for a few days, and is super shiny.
If I had just aquired my sixth board, I'd go for a General Washington: an off-the-menu #98 with fried chicken substitited for halal chicken on Ike's own (non roof-of-the-mouth-destroying) dutch crunch. Good lord!
I hope Paul doesn't order a Lizzy's Lips (halal chicken, italian dressing, pepperjack). Not because the of the sandwich, which sounds awesome, but because Lizzy is my sister's name and that would be weird.
This board can be ridden as a four fin or three fin. I recommend pairing it with some waves, a little wax to make your feet stick to the board, and a nice dram of Templeton Rye. Even though it's from Iowa and not upstate NY, this is one hell of a whiskey. Honey and vanilla give way to crisp mint and wintergreen. Makes me wonder why I used to waste valuable drinking time mixing in vermouth and bitters. Perfect on a cold night, a warm night, a mild night, or during a hockey game. 


Makai Kalii said...

One gets an Ike's sandwich with a new board?
I tried the Tony Soprano the other day, and, WOW!
Btw Jamie, nice board too.

HeadHighGlassy said...

Thanks, Makai. Haven't tried the TS, but the Jamee Sirewich has been my go to lately. Ike's come with a fifth board shaped, OR, a fifth board referred, OR any combo of the two. You're about to get one sandwich card punch closer...
Happy New Year!