Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Clover

Signs we're at the front end of an economic recovery:
1. I no longer cry in the shower after checking my home value on Zillow.
2. My kids can now have peanut butter and jelly on their sandwiches.
3. The local beachbreak has been conspicuously devoid of big-ass trucks in the parking lot, pointing to the conclusion that construction is on the uptick.
4. The board-order queue is redlining right now, a whole new batch of sandwich cards are being distributed, and some stoked shredders will be receiving an Ike's in the near future.
Leading the aquatic charge right now is the Clover--a widepoint forward stubb-egg shred machine. This is the original Clover, 5'10, which got passed around up here more than a endless-refill penicillin prescription on a Motley Crue tour bus.
5'10x21 2+1 Clover
Since then, it's proven itself in all kinds of waves and conditions in all kinds sizes with all kinds of fin setups.
This light gray 7'0 didn't disappoint in Baja.
Hull entry+concaves+hard rails in the tail=crazy fun as either a 2+1 or single with a flexie fin.
I am going to go surfing now.


pranaglider said...

A happy blending of curves that has proved itself again and again. Everyone should have one in their quiver!

HeadHighGlassy said...

Agreed, Prana. And I have just appointed you head of the PR wing of HHG Enterprises. Now stop screwing around on the interwebs and get to work!

Kirk said...

Very tidy indeed, and artistically photographed as well.

shplack said...

Took my 6'4" Clover out in shoulder high glassy waves today. This board rips!