Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Jason, who's getting dangerously close to a full sandwich card, wanted a replacement for his beloved 7'2 step up for OBSF that buckled during a now-infamous run of swell this past winter.
Since it was shaped in a different decade on another continent, I felt no moral trepidation about lifting the template, which was pretty heavily Parrish influenced.
Rocker, foil, fins are all no-nonsense OB.
Triple pinlines to give him something to look at while he's walking fifteen blocks back up The Beach to find his car.
Next to the Original
Jason's a marine biology nerd, and like nerds the world 'round, wanted to incorporate some sort of nerdiness into his board aesthetic.
This one mimics the concept of counter shading, a form of camouflage in which an animal's pigmentation is darker on the top than on the bottom. Hence the lovely blue steel 'reverse wrap' resin tiny by Tony Mikus.
Counter-shaded marine dwellers are hard to spot from above, as they blend in with the darker ocean floor, and hard to spot from below, as they blend with the lighter surface.
This penguin diagram nicely illustrates the principle.
 Counter shading didn't work out so well for these anchovies.

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Anonymous said...

Squirrels have counter shading, too. And, for some reason, my German Shepherd. Nice board, by the way, Looks perfect for medium sized OB.