Sunday, February 3, 2013

Of Curtis, the Lady, the Flu

Good Lord, the flu sucks. We’ve been passing it around my house these last few weeks like a skinny J on prom night.
Or maybe like musical chairs, only instead of prize for winning ‘it,’ you get diarrhea.
Guess how many kids shat the bed in my house during the last three weeks?
Answer: none. That could have been a parenting dealbreaker.
But waves continue to tickle our delicate shores, and humans continue wanting to ride on them, so surfboards must be made!
Here’s the first one I got to carve our after a week in bed. It’s a 7’4 Lady for Curtis, who called and left the following message:
“I need a midlength for _ _ _ _ _ I _ _   _ _ _.”
That was pretty much it. Curtis isn’t one for conversation, so I took a stab at 7’4.
The Lady is a trim machine: round on the bottom, round on the top, round on the corners.
Single with a flex fin, or 2+1 with a flex fin. Slingshots off the bottom!
I'm going back to bed now.

1 comment:

brent said...

Tis the season for flu... yeah bummer,.. but more importantly for LADIES!!!! (shred sledz, that is). The OG "Painted Lady" has been going bananas at the local walled-up beach breaks lately. The menfolk have been fighting over her something fierce! Please shape some more, as there is not enough "Lady Love" to go around the lineups!!! Getting dirty looks strolling down the beach and in the lineup. She is becoming "fight bait"! Good lord help us all!!!