Monday, September 24, 2012

iAdios, Verano!

So long, Summer. We humbly stand at the dock and salute your fickle ship as it sails west, or south, or wherever the hell you go when it comes time to turn off my landscape irrigation.

You greeted us with some fun Baja peelers, as evidenced by Mrs. HHG, a fun Baja peeler, and the view from our rented deck that was tough to relax on because the kids kept pretending to throw themselves over the rails. Ha!

One night you looked like this, and made our dog hide in the closet for two days.
You brought out the east-coast creepie crawlies, and introduced my daughters to a new river, the Housatonic, to add to their ever-expanding list of awkward public places to take off their clothes.
Now you've pulled anchor, and the boards coming out of my shop are starting to look like this one: PitBoss. OBSF ready. Currently resting on the racks at Almar Glassing in Santa Cruz.
More Hot PitBoss Action here.
And, based on this morning's buoy readings, Summer's sweet, sweet stepsister Fall has already moved in to take her place.


e. said...

The pit boss model is super sweet. Thinking 5 fins and kelpy right walls...; Whoa, its already that time of year?

BD said...

And the BD is board is ready! (We'll actually, it took down a couple of steep peelers at OB yesterday and a dozen of them at Getch today!)

Kirk said...

And I for one, am not upset to Summer fade after 3 months of 2ft and soft. Tidy board too, personally I think I'd see it as a quad for down the line speed runs on the local closeouts. Nice.

HeadHighGlassy said...

Thanks, all. Good to hear from you e. Hope all is well with the little man. BD: knew you'd be shredding G as soon as the swells started to fill in.
Kirk: this one's a quad!
And a 2+1!
And a thruster and single fin.
Customer wants to experiment, and who am I to argue?

Kirk said...

Good on him, it looks like it'd be a screamer with any of those setups- I'm liking the thought of it as a single for sure