Sunday, March 4, 2012

Obstacle and Opportunity

It's been a week of obstacle and opportunity.
Obstacle: a, um, dude I know ran out of deodorant.
Opportunity: there, on the kitchen sink, sat the deodorant of his Special Lady Friend. It smelled like cucumber and sea breeze. He wanted to smell like cucumber and sea breeze. Permissions were granted, the obstacle was overcome*, gentle vegetal effluvia calmed the gentleman in question as he attended to his vocation.
Obstacle: this lovely MiniSims, bound for the racks at a retail surf venue, received an aesthetic blemish at some point during the construction process, rendering it unbound for the retail surf venue.
Opportunity: It's for sale!
Stats: 5'6x 21.5x 2.75. Convex to concave bottom, marine ply keels, S-deck with some serious foil in the nose, rails, and tail. A shred-ready wave-catching gnar machine.
Feel free to make an offer, though I won't subtract dollars for the blemish--you lived with them in high school, you can certainly live with one on the deck of your surfboard.
Looks more avocadoey and less limey in the real world.
In the spirit of wine country pretention, I recommend pairing this new surfboard with a dram of Bruichladdich 10yr old single malt scotch.
Why? They're both classic expressions crafted in the old style. However, far from relics, they offer saucy surprise after saucy surprise. In the case of the MiniSims, it's blazing speed and maneuverability. For the Bruichladdich, it's caramel, toffee, and...who's that knocking at the back door?...our old friend Mr. A Hint of Fudge and Brine.
Both offer smooth salty goodness. Another opportunity!
*interestingly, even though used sparingly and just once, the proffered object made this guy's armpits itch for a full week.


Kirk said...

Ahh, that is a fine choice of imbibation. Can I recommend Singleton 12yr? It's a Speyside and I got a bottle on a bit of a sale from George, my friendly Armenian liquor merchant. Smooth as some high quality lady's underthings. Tidy little surfboard as well.

e. said...

Gorgeous board! Scotch sounds good; perhaps a celebratory drink after Arlo's born.

Anonymous said...

A blemish is a blemish and i expect to pay less for it. Yeah i had blemishes in high school and i wasn't getting no chicks...that is until i started surfing. If i pay top dollar for a board it's gotta be getting me some tail at the bitch. I'll give $50 and that's cuz it prolly rides insane. Let's face it looks always comes first!

Kuka Ili Moku said...

Is the green mini simmons still for sale?

Anonymous said...

is it still for sale?

HeadHighGlassy said...

Kuka Ili Moku, I got kinda ansty, waxed it up and rode it. Three sessions, still in perfect condition, I'll give you the 'gent;y used' rate. Send me an email at: