Monday, May 9, 2011

The Painted Lady

Abstract acrylic on foam by Jay dL—local charger, Puerto barrel enthusiast, inspired artist, informed horticulturist, slayer-of-all-boards, and rocker of pearl-snap full-yolked Western shirts. He can also fix your computer, lead pumpy trad climbs on steep granite, and brew a mean yerba mate. Clearly, a Renaissance man.
The board’s a tweaked-out, Northcoast-speficic 8ft. hull-inspired trim machine. 'Lighter Than Ice' blue tint and thinnest-of-thin white resin pinline by Leslie Anderson at Fatty Fiberglass, a hell of an artist in her own right.


pranaglider said...

as nice a board as I've seen in a long while.

HeadHighGlassy said...

Thanks, Prana. This one feels good in the hands, too.

Surfsister said...

The shape and the art . . . stunning!! You've got mad, mad, mad, mad skills!

brent said...

That board is nice, .. but how about that patio?!
The "Librarians" are so far giving the board 2 thumbs up on independent test rides! If nothing else, it is sure fun to look at and hold under the arms.