Monday, April 18, 2011

War Pony Chronicles: the Jet Pony

Like every surfboard ever made, the War Pony is an amalgam of flats and curves. Because it's designed for punchy surf, some curves are enhanced while others are reduced. Flats and curves. Zeroes and ones. A binary principle tucked into a three dimensional form.
This particular War Pony has a few extra flats in the back. Not great when you're with a lady, but super fun when you're looking for more release through the tail.
The jet-tail's been around for a while, but credit goes to Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson for its recent resurgence. The fish's roots may be buried deep in San Diego, but its branches extend globally.
This one's a quad, but there's a twin fin (or tween feen if you're Australian, Kiwi, or Kirk) on the glassing racks presently.
The rear panels have some crazy fun flex. I keep sneaking back to the shop to squeeze 'em.
Do my fingers look fat? Could be the lighting...

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Kirk said...

Hey, I speak seppo just fine and it's the 'r' we have have trouble with mostly. I do like all that flex though....