Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pig in a Shiny Blanket

The widepoint aft, narrow-nosed, rolled-bottom Pig got its name from cowboyin' enthusiast Dale Velzy, who likened its image to that of a pig when viewed from horseback. It's a time-enduring design, and a valid approach to Northcoast surfing.
Unlike the coastline south of Point Conception, the water up here goes from very deep to very shallow without much inbetween. Longboard design elements tend to focus more on controlling speed rather than generating it, especially during the takeoff and bottom turn, and the Pig does this quite well.
It's pulled-in nose adds some curve to the planshape, and fits into a steep curl more decisively. The rear widepoint is an excellent command center, and, in addition to getting into the wave earlier, sets an authoritative line when combined with the 'D' fin and bottom curves.
This particular model is the product of an ongoing effort with Leslie to squeeze the square peg of the design into the round hole of our Northcoast waves. She wrapped this pig into a classy volan blanket, glassed on the fin so skillfully foiled by the good folks at Rainbow Fin Co., lay down a matching resin deck pinline, then polished her up good.
Speaking of coasts, I'm on the east one right now. Did you know that sometimes in New England you have to use your car's A/C at night? I shit you not.


Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful board. Dang.

As are they all.

24/7 A/C is miserable.
And then it's 24/7 heater the rest of the year, no?

The more I travel, the more I am convinced we have the best climate. Period.
Howling Spring winds notwithstanding.


Mr. Black said...

Hello Leslie.

NIce ONE!!

Anonymous said...

What are the specs on that beauty?

HeadHighGlassy said...

WG, dims are 9'7ish x 22 1/2ish and 3 1/8ish thick. She's pretty damn heavy, fits good under the arm, and is totally available...

Surfsister said...

I am so hooked on pigs these days that I wonder what's the point of any other design for a longboard. As Mr. Black would say, I've got swine flu!