Monday, May 10, 2010


8' Broadsword.
Caramel resin tint and chocolate resin pinline by Leslie Anderson.
2+1 fin setup.
Rounded pintail.
This board sports a logo that's been unemployed for about a decade. For some reason, Fatty had one hanging around her shop and thought it was a match. If you see someone on a board with this brand, you might want to distance yourself. My early clients were, um, spirited. And by that I mean unattractive, drunk, and prone to slothfulness.
They also tended to favor the stinkbug, which should be noted was a personal choice rather than a comment on the design or craftsmanship.


6ftnperfect said...

very nice - been wanting to try a shape like that for the longest time

Rashboy said...

The Eight -ooooohhhh!
The most under appreciated "ooohhh" in the world of surfing.