Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Full Blood Princess

I've written before about Bedroomers--boards so elegant, so innocent, that to leave them in the holding pen (guest bedroom) with the other sticks awaiting pickup would be scandalous.
How can one, in good conscience, place a finely foiled, fragile-as-china displacement hull in the same rack with a mush-shredding gremmie thruster?
What ethical shaper can allow an outer bar gun, high-polished and sleek as a needle to share the same space as a brutish, wide-backed, sand-finish quad fish?
None that gives a damn, I say.
So, on occasion, one of the more enchanting products from the Fattyshack is moved into the bedroom where, if mood strikes, one might gaze upon its lines and be hastened toward an exquisite idyll.
Or until one's wife tells them to cut it out.
So imagine my surprise when, still feeling the effects of East Coast jet lag, I woke in the wee hours this morning to find the lovely Mrs. HHG not just contemplating, but dreamily trailing a few fingertips, along a rail of this full-tint glossy log from her side of the bed. Imagine the betrayal--yet the thrill!--that accompanies such a discovery.
Also try to imagine an intense need for an egg sandwich on sourdough, which is what finally pulled me from the throes of this unanticipated spectacle.
Anyway, this model--a 9'6 Squareback--is designed for the soft and the cruisy up here on the Northcoast. She's headed to 2 Mile Surf Shop in Bobo, where she will hopefully find a good home with a tip-riding enthusiast. And while we're hoping, let's hope Drew and the boys keep her separated from some of the more nefarious shapes I've seen lurking on their racks.


2-Mile Surf Shop said...

Jamie -

A work of art - as usual. I promise this board will have a prestigious display area in the shop and not near anything already waxed or under 9'.


Anonymous said...

Bolinas has a surf shop? how does anyone find it?

vanillagorilla said...

I find your denigration of quad fish offensive. Let us celebrate all forms of waveriding vehicles equally - with the exception of popouts, though their folly is not fully their fault. What's bred in the bone comes out in the foam.

HeadHighGlassy said...

VG, what's bred in the bone comes out in the foam, indeed, but when left to their devices, unwatched shapes tend toward seedy vices.
*rests copy of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein on lap, draws deeply from pipe*
Besides, have you seen some of the quad fish coming out of my shop? Dirty, dirty, dirty.

Bill said...

Good to see I'm not the only one that gets excited by the pure aesthetics of surf craft.
PS nothing wrong with a lovingly-created quad fish..