Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Green Machine

Back in college, the dorm affectionately referred to as KW (Keyes-Wasserman) was comprised of single occupancy rooms only. In college, single occupancy rooms exist for two reasons:
1. Occupant is seeking a tranquil venue for contemplation and study.
2. Occupant is seeking a tranquil venue for getting it on.
Both make sense to me.
So much so that when identically-initialed SF shred enthusiast KW expressed interest in a board, I waved all aspects of my formal vetting process (hazily-framed inquiries regarding beer and pornography preferences) and got to it.
The product, a double-wing quad fish, speaks to Kevin's interest in a more sustainable surfboard (100% recycled EPS foam, epoxy resin, bamboo fins) and my Atlantic Coast nostalgia. Either way, this floating venue will provide a platform for both contemplation and getting it on, surf-wise.
On a side note of appreciation, I'd like to point out that there are very few glassers out there highly skilled in EPS/epoxy applications. There are fewer still (in fact, I can't think of any offhand) who are masterful enough to tint--that's right, not opaque, but tint--over EPS foam. There are perhaps a handful of people in the world who would tint a shaped EPS blank, sand it, double pinline it with resin, create a custom matching resin logo, then gloss and polish it.
Did I mention Leslie also gardens, breeds reptiles, and plays a mean guitar?
101 bambo quads keep boards snappy and happy.


dwphotog said...

Gorgeous board!

Anonymous said...

...you forgot to mention that "the glasser" raises all kinds of weird chickens, orchids, and carnivorous plants! BAM!

turtle said...

gotta love a green fatty glass job. I still froth over that red tint, glossed and polished EPS/epoxy quad posted on sways a few years back.

HeadHighGlassy said...

Thanks for the props, all. Anonymous, listing all Fatty's zeals could take months. She's a passionate lady. Turtle, great blog. Linked ya.

Kirk said...

Soooo nice looking- how big? The dragonfly lam is, in surfer parlance, sweet.