Saturday, July 18, 2009

The FrankenFiver Volant

Our Declaration of Independence holds certain truths to be immutable. It doesn't say much about surfboard design, which is a good thing, as mutability is a key facet to the board building process.
This seven-foot-something mutant is for NorthCoast shredhead, board mashup enthusiast, and former ponytail-sporter Brent, who wanted to combine the paddle and glide of the FrankenFish with the pocket-riding capabilities of the Cigare Volant.
The result is the FrankenFiver Volant, a Campbell Bros. inspired single-wing five finner with a few tweaks for our potent beachbreak surf.
Full board Hastings blue tint, pigment cigar band with Japanese-flag style logo inlay, gloss and polish from the talented hands of Leslie Anderson of Fatty Fiberglass.
There is nothing this lady can't do--you should try her ceviche next time you cruise by the Fattyshack!


pranaglider said...

another fine one!

waiting patiently for surf

still summer

Anonymous said...

Clear Blue is the new "olive drab/earth tone opaque". But I hear the owner is a total frothing wave hog! Thanks for enabling him!
-BD's Dawnie Crew