Monday, June 1, 2009

Blue Monday: A Case Study

Because we here at HHG are firmly committed to the fundamentals of science, I decided to launch an experiment to satisfy an age-old question.
Question: Why do a majority of my 'clients' order blue surfboards?
Hypothesis: No friggin idea.
Methods: The Google.
Results: an author I'd never heard of insists her book covers be blue, as blue books outsell other-colored books by a considerable margin.
A 2003 wavelength study found that beetles, mosquitoes, and flies are attracted to blue light.
Crystals, such as Blue Topaz, are noted for individuality, creativity, and hotness in the sack.
None of this sound like my clientele. Nowhere could I find research connecting blue to drunkenness, juvenile commentary, prurient behaviors, or generally repellent social practices.
Which brings me to...
Case Study #1: Hardy Danger.
Hardy Danger, fan of HHG and cold water surf enthusiast, recently married a wonderful woman. How wonderful? So wonderful that she ordered a double-wing four fin fish (blue) for Hardy as a wedding present. As if that's not wonderful enough, she ordered in to be ready, taking into account curing time, for their mainland Mexico wedding. This was, of course, to be a surprise for Mr. Danger.
Two days after their wedding, the above cell phone image made its way to the States. The text read: Wedding Night.
Conclusions: my clientele can be summed up with the following descriptors: unwilling to prioritize their loved ones over their loved possessions even during the most cherished of occasions, sexually deviant, almost certainly inebriated, alarmingly hirsute, swarthy.
Discussion: In the interest of ongoing scientific query, I ask you how many blue waveriding vehicles do you own? And if you chose the color, why?
Be honest. I promise not to tell anyone other than publishing it on this blog.
Also, if you have a caption for the above photo, I'm all ears.


Surfsister said...

My little mini-Simmons is a beautiful shade of blue. Too bad I may not be able to ride it anymore. (Don't think I can bend the knee enough to pop up on something that small.) Other than that, I have no blue board. In fact, I usually don't want my surfboards to be blue.

HeadHighGlassy said...

Good to read you're back in the water, Sis. Swimming makes a big mental difference (I had an ACL replacement six years ago, out of the water for nine months). I suggest hitting up TG for another Sims, this time not so mini, for when you return to surfing. Your color choice.