Wednesday, February 11, 2009

War Pony Chronicles Vol.III

First gasp of air in ten days--what have I missed?

Still Life With Wavepecker
Ten days of shuffling around the house in a sleep-deprived stupor, occasionally staring into the bleary eyes of my lovely wife, alternating asking, "How can we love something so much we've known for less two weeks?" and "What the hell have we done?"
SweetJane, unfazed, sleeps on. Warm. Peaceful. Occasional baby sighs escaping her perfect, tiny mouth.
But nature's machine cannot be slowed. Just as babies are born, the moon spins our oceans into wavemakers, and sea meets earth. Boards must be shaped!

This single-wing War Pony is for Shred Ted, a NorthCoast institution. Ted's got the stoke for sure--the dude tows into behemoth, sharky heavies by the light of dawn, goes for a three hour run after lunch, then finishes off the day with a matte in his House of Invention. He's got more energy than a herd of two-tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs.

The little race car quad is 5'6x 19.5x pretty thin--Ted's got arms like stovepipes, so paddling isn't a huge concern.
Red cedar stringer gives the board extra zing!
ps--thanks to all who sent email and bloggie wishes. Made me want to do two things:
1. Answer some of your email inquiries in my next posting.
2. Recommend Jack Kerouac's The Dharma Bums. Don't ask why, just pop the cork on a nice California syrah, read it, and stay tuned.

pps--Surf Movie Night this Thursday at Santa Rosa's Toad in the Hole Pub, right there in historic Railroad Square. Last Surf movie Night was a huge success: Mr. December's HulaBilly stylings rocked, hushed, and inspired the crowd, Mr. Wegener and Mr. Farberow's south of the border wave-sliding shenanigans brought a smile to everyone's faces, and I got loaded! Festivities kick off at 6pm. I recommend showing up early for a table, some eats, and front row seats to the fun.


Anonymous said...

Craaaaap! Not the board, but the recc-o about the surf movie. I was hoping to score a table this time and get some of them ultimate FISH (appropriate to your post) and CHIPS (it is a bit thinner than your normal shape). Damn joint better get a fresh keg of Guiness before this one!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice looking surfboard, btw.

e. said...

The Dharma Bums was an excellent read. But I'm a Kerouac fan anyway. Will have to dig it back out of storage and give it another go.