Friday, August 8, 2008

Right Coast Dispatch

From the HeadHighGlassy Recipe Files: the East Coast No-Batter Flatter Combater.
1. Something that floats
2. Fishing rods
3. Shiny plastic ‘squid’ covered with sharp hooks
4. Captain Kenny
5. Knife
Mix ingredients together in a choppy forty minute cruise out to the point, let simmer for a few hours in a sizable rip current while alternating fishing, telling fishing stories, talking about fish, looking for fish, and trying not to throw up. Consume beer if necessary. Hold on to belt loops of lighter fisherpeople when engaged with a particularly feisty specimen.
Team HeadHighGlassy experienced the Atlantic Ocean’s bounty this week on Captain Kenny Eldredge's bluefish/striped bass charter, Kittiwake. Everyone got into some fish, only one person fell overboard, and Captain Kenny wowed us all with a filet-o’-fish demo during the cruise back.

Mrs HHG lands a Striped Bass despite some serious flyaway fisherwoman hair.

Cap’n Kenny. Chillin.

The morning started out slowly--this lonely bluefish was all we had to show after the first hour on the water.
Then the magic happened, and Striped Bass (Stripahs!) began filling the boat.

One of these is a lie: I caught this 50” Stripah, which Cap’n Kenny filleted in twelve seconds.

*All three are lies—I did not catch this fish, it is not 50”, and Cap’n Kenny actually filleted it in eleven seconds. Badass. He's a 12th generation Right Coast fisherman who's got the stoke and a great 'stash. HHG recommended for when things go flat and you're hungry...


Anonymous said...

You friggin bastaaad! I left the comforts and rich waters of SonomaCo for "The Salmon Capital of the World", (ie., BC) and all me and big D caught were some measly 'floundahs' and some dogfish! We did catch a good buzz on a daily basis! ...but at a price.. Can you believe $20 for a 12'er of Lucky Lager in BC? They do have a brand of beer called, "Dude" however...

HeadHighGlassy said...

Them floundahs good eating!
Besides the rapidly declining value of my house, $20 for a 12'er of Lucky is the worst sign of our failing dollar I can imagine.
Looks like I'm going to have to find another source for salmon this fall...