Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cult of the Roundtail

People want to talk about roundtails. In lineups, parking lots, wherever. A surly old bearded dude stink-eyed me for an hour the other day, then finally paddled over. I braced for the altercation, but all he said was, "roundtail?"
"Roundtail," I confirmed.
He threw me a shaka. "Roundtail" he proclaimed and paddled away.
Old dudes throwing shakas up here is just damn funny, no matter how you slice it.
Here's a wide-tailed eggy roundtail, 6'5", with a single wing and some double concaves.
Both my dust collection system and my cd player are now on the 'injured' list.
The roundtail couldn't care less.


pushingtide said...

Surly old bearded dudes have a lot of knowledge.

HeadHighGlassy said...