Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I call this little blue number the Sheriff's Special, after the Colt snub-nose revolver of the same name.
McQueen rocked one in the sixties as 'Bullitt,' a scowling detective with a general disdain for criminal activity of any stripe, and timeless sexy badass James Garner was seldom seen without his in the modern era.
A snubbie was taped to the bathroom wall in 'The Godfather,' then untaped by a sneaky, diminutive Al Pacino for a dastardly, unlawful act.
The point of the snubby is that it gets the job done as well as its longer-barreled brethren, but takes up half the space.
And it looks weird.
I don't like guns, but I do like surfboards.
The Sheriff's Special is a spiritual sister of the snub-nose revolver, but instead of sinister deeds, the board's purpose is to maximize fun and nose-riding possibilities.
This particular stick is still in process at the Fattyshack, and is designed for smaller, lighter surfers (under 150 lbs) who want to spend some time on the front third of the board. Its sawed-off nose and diamond tail extend the rail line, but tighten the turning radius. Glide and snap.
The bottom is rolled throughout for maximum smoothness and extended time in the pocket. This one still needs to get sanded, pinlined, glossed, and polished, but I just couldn't wait to, um, pull the trigger.
Sorry about that.

The smoking gun effect comes standard with the Sheriff's Special.

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that double butterfly deck patch is radness