Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Perfect Sandwich

Start with one newly-polished slice of coke-bottle tinted longboard deck.
Slowly add (might want to ask the kids to leave the room at this point) Neil Diamond's 1973 Hot August Nights album cover. It won a Grammy, so you know it's good.
Do not substitute other celebrated 1973 albums, such as Carly Simon's No Secrets or David Cassidy's ironically titled, Rock Me Baby.
In a pinch, The Who's Quadraphenia or Stevie Wonder's Innervisions will do.
Top with another slice of coke-bottle longboard deck from a different angle, this one highlighting what appears to be a dirty tailblock. I don't know what's on the floor of Fatty's shop, but I suggest wearing shoes.


clayfin said...

sweet! weird angle on that one foto though - is that a side bite fin? looks like it's coming out of the mid point of the board

Jamie Murray said...

Yo Clayfin,
Definitely not a mid-board fin, though I agree it looks kind of snaggle-toothed in the pic.
It's actually just an ordinary Lokbox sidebite fin (3.5"LBJT) 14.5" up from the tail.
ps--I linked ya!