Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two Boards, Nine Fins

Is it possible to get skunked when the Bodega Bay Buoy reads 11.5 feet at 17 seconds and there's no wind to speak of?
It is when you live in Sonoma County!
Soupy, warbly, chest high close-out slop at a local beachbreak. Had to make a tough call between the EPS quad fish and the Campbell Brothers Bonzer inspired High Five (named for its ability to hold a high line and its plentitude of fins). Ended up with the five finner. Why? Well, at times I think my love for the quad fish is too great--an exclusive relationship bordering on the psychotic. It's good to get some distance every once in a while.
Turned out the High Five was the right call--fast and fun in some god-awful surf.

Powder blue full board tint with some fine double pinlines. Looks like prom, circa 1978.

Much like prom, I didn't score, came home early, and screwed around on the computer for a while.


J.P. said...

Nice to see the Campbell bros design proliferating across the underground scene.

Jamie Murray said...

I agree. The design is great in steep beachbreak--holds like a mofo and and comes off the bottom nicely. Haven't really tried one at a pointbreak, as it's always too tempting to ride the fishies...
Thanks for your reply, j.p.